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Catching up.

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Honesty and openness. Alternate siblings.

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Flirtation under the influence.

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Discussion of family.

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Dour expressions.

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Badass swords.

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Sharing stories.

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Favors owed; instagram filters and directions.

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Short and sweet.

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Discussion of Angels.

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Unfamiliar customs.

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In need of assistance.

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Pterodactyl fighting.

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Stripper names.

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Party jenga.

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Help making smalltalk.

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The death of the All-Father.

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Swords are meant to be used.

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A finely made flute.

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How to live when you're missing someone. A debt repaid.

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This is not the realm of the dead.

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Trying to take a selfie.

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Different types of Angels.

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Giving rides. A debt repaid.

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Does she require aid?

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Enjoying the view.

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The cause of the disturbance.

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Changed selves, both exiled.

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After the changed selves, better footing.

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Walking in blindly.

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Different universes.

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Being bad versus being weak.

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Carnivale, an equal exchange.

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Steve's birthday party.

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Carnivale, mistaken for an Amazon.

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Moving out. (3 pts)

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Thread description here.

network/log/inbox » character
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network/log/inbox » character
Thread description here.

network/log/inbox » character
Thread description here.

network/log/inbox » character
Thread description here.

by cawaii
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  Debts Owed  

  1. Loki; for delivering her to Anthony Stark. Debt repaid with advice.
  2. Loki; for teaching her of photograph filters. Debt repaid with a sky selfie.
  3. Jacob Kane; for giving her ways to cope.
  4. Lucretia; for telling her stories. Debt repaid with stories of her own.
  5. Lucifer Morningstar; for buying her an ice cream float. Debt repaid with tales of Heven.
  6. Jon Kent; for the use of his handkerchief. Debt repaid with time spent together.
  7. Jim Kirk; for comforting Loki in his amnesia.
  Debts to Collect  

  1. Tom Collins; for searching for his friend. Debt repaid with smartphone lessons.
  2. Chloe Decker; for information on "miracle children."
  3. Steve Trevor; for her hand. Debt repaid by freeing them from their entrapment.
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» Age: millenia
» Seeking: friendship
» Preferences: women
» Interests: combat, equality, stories
» Bio: I am an Asgardian who was raised in Heven. I am separated from my beloved during my time in quarantine. I am interested in learning of more songs by Simon and Garfunkel.

If you can teach me to play the flute, I have need of you.

base code by photosynthesis
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May. 9th, 2017 06:57 am
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CHARACTER NAME: Angela (Aldrif Odinsdottir)

Job: Perimeter Guard (Search and Rescue)
Housing: Communal Housing; Floor 12, Bed 7

Backtagging: yes, always
Threadhopping: with permission
Fourthwalling: yes
Offensive subjects (elaborate): n/a

Hugging this character: she'll be confused, but ok
Kissing this character: she might slap you if you're not Sera, but ok
Flirting with this character: go ahead (at your own risk)
Fighting with this character: yes please
Injuring this character: she's incredibly hard to injure, so let's talk it out oocly
Killing this character: no thanks
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: sure

Warnings: Angela is a very violent character, so watch out for that.

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!
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player information
name: Chris
age: 28
contact: [plurk.com profile] objectpermanence
other characters: n/a

character information
name: Angela. Technically speaking, it's Aldrif Odinsdottir, but she goes by Angela.
canon: Marvel 616
canon point: Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 4, #10
age: However many thousands of years old Thor is? Angela's older.

(canon) background: wiki link
(original) world: n/a

  • Asgardian Physiology – Being Asgardian, Angela is stronger, faster, more durable, and even denser than the average human. She possesses stamina greater than Thor, and is faster than the Dísir, who are said to be as fast as lightning. Additionally, she can survive in open space without the need to breathe. (She can also talk in space, which breaks physics, but that's comics for you.) She ages slowly enough to give the appearance of immortality, and though she is not invulnerable, she heals faster than a human would.

  • Fighting Prowess – Angela rose through the ranks of the Angels of Heven to become Leader of the Hunt, meaning she has slain countless monsters and fought innumerable enemies. She bested the best warriors of Hel to overthrow Hela and claim the crown for herself. Gamora, widely considered the galaxy's best assassin and finest warrior, considers Angela a formidable foe, and the pair are evenly matched in a fight.

  • Weapons and Armor – Angela possesses the magic dress of Siriana, the bride of the all-seeing Heimdall, which is the one thing in the universe which Heimdall cannot see. For her, the dress takes the form of winged armor, which allows her to fly at incredible speeds. She wields Xiphos, the Sword of the Stars, and a pair of Ichor, which are golden blades which form into any weapon she can think of, from swords, to hand axes, to whips. Additionally, Angela is constantly surrounded by magical floating ribbons which she can use to bind or strangle her opponents.

  1. Reliable - Angela's mantra, the life code that was passed onto her by the Angels who raised her, is "Nothing is for Nothing." That means that, while Angela does not give out favors, she always repays her debts. She does not leave loose ends hanging without tying them up. If someone helps her, she is sure to return the favor before long.
  2. Perseverant - Angela does not let any obstacle stand in the way of her achieving her goal. No matter what that obstacle may be. Whether it's hordes of enemy armies, or the divide between Realms. If she has a debt to settle, she will accomplish the task she sets herself to. If there is an obstacle between Angela and her goal, she would rather plow straight through it than find a way around.
  3. Loving - You might not think it to look at her, but Angela can be kind hearted to those she is closest to. Particularly Sera, her beloved. Angela overthrew the Queen of Hel just to save Sera. That said, she has room in her heart for others, including the Guardians of the Galaxy, and her Asgardian kin, Thor and Loki. She has a particular soft spot for young girls, perhaps as she sees herself in them.

  1. Rash - Angela doesn't waste time debating plans. Instead, she rushes into the fray without thinking about the best course. This is shown when she and the Guardians of the Galaxy travel to the Badoon homeworld to rescue Star-Lord from gladiatorial combat. Rather than fight off the gladiators or try to convince the Badoon to let Star-Lord go, Angela beheads the leader of the Badoon and declares the battle over. While this saves Quill, it destabilizes one of the biggest martial forces in the galaxy, leaving a mess for other parties to have to come in and fix.
  2. Uncommunicative - As evidenced by the above point, Angela believes that actions speak louder than words. As such, she finds it difficult to open up to people. Only those closest to her (Sera, mainly) know what is going on in her head. Even then, Sera infers from context more than Angela tells her outright. Angela lets her deeds to the talking. She's not one to "use her words." She also doesn't explain herself very well. When her infant sister, Laussa, was possessed by the spirit of Surtur, she embarked on a mission to rid Laussa of Surtur's influence without giving any of her comrades the full details. As far as they knew, Angela was just kidnapping and endangering the life of a baby, and expecting them to help her anyway.
  3. Rigid - Angela's "Nothing is for Nothing" mentality defines her, to the point where she will refuse to act if there's nothing in it for her. She has difficulty expanding her worldview to include other ways of behaving, and will resist any attempts to dissuade her from acting the way she wants to act. She has no problem causing trouble for other people, so long as her strict code is followed.

skills (optional):
  1. Combat (is a skilled warrior)
  2. Tracking (of beasts or fugitives)
  3. Endurance (can withstand the harshest conditions)

housing (optional): No preference.

network username: If usernames are assigned by name, hers would be a.odinsdottir, but if she gets to choose, it would be angela

network sample: TDM thread with Loki

prose/action sample: TDM thread with Kimberly

IC Inbox

Mar. 26th, 2015 06:47 pm
hevenly: (Sera; closeness)

This is Angela.

Or her... voice recording.

Your missive will be returned in a
timely fashion determined
by its urgency.

             ...How do I make it stop recor—

V O I C E   ◊   V I D E O   ◊   T E X T   ◊   A C T I O N


Mar. 26th, 2015 06:35 pm
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How's My Driving?

How am I doing with Angela? Anon on, IP off, comments screened.

eudio app

Mar. 26th, 2015 05:32 pm
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NAME: Chris
AGE: 26
CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] gazzafizza
CHARACTERS PLAYED: Cisco Ramon, The Vision, Laura Wilson


NAME: Aldrif Odinsdottir Angela
CANON: Marvel-616
AGE: How old is Thor? ...Older than that.
CANON POINT: Angela: Asgard's Assassin #6

BACKGROUND: Marvel wiki link, Wikipedia link.

Most believers of Norse mythology (and readers of that particular subsection of Marvel comics) will tell you that there are nine realms. They would be wrong. There is actually a tenth realm, sealed off from the World Tree after a falling out with Asgard. That realm is Heven, home to the Angels: a race of winged warrior women (say that five times fast). But the greatest warrior of Heven isn't actually an Angel at all; she is Angela.

Born to Freyja of the Vanir and King Odin of Asgard, the infant Aldrif was taken by the Angels in retribution for Asgard's crimes against Heven. Her name was changed, and she was never told about her true heritage. That is, until the day that Thor and Loki heard the tale of their lost sister, and broke their way into Heven in search of her. Angela defended her home from the Asgardian intruders, nearly killing Thor in the process, but then Odin arrived and instantly recognized her as the missing Aldrif. Upon the reveal that Angela was an Asgardian, she was cast out of Heven. Wanting nothing to do with Asgard, Angela is her own person, making her way through the Ten Realms on her own terms.

The main principle of Angel society can be summed up with the phrase, "Nothing for nothing." Meaning, an Angel never does anything without getting something in return. Some Angels are content with money as payment, but Angela holds more value in favors or gifts. Angel society is very strict; you have a given role and you stick to it. The women are warriors or hunters, and the men priests, confined to a life of darkness and prayer. Angela, however, doesn't care about the set roles imposed on people. She only cares about who a person is on the inside, and the way they choose to behave. She values courage and bravery over all other qualities.


Angela recently learned that her closest friend, Sera, whom she thought returned from the dead, was actually Malekith in disguise all along! The real Sera is languishing in Hel, being tortured for all eternity thanks to a curse that Freyja cast on the Angels of Heven. Angela's incentive would be to grant Sera her freedom.

As for fit, Angela will take some... adjusting. The Angel lifestyle she was raised in was all about fighting, hunting, and making deals, but that's not to say Angela can't make friends. When she cares about someone, she will go to great lengths for them. She is shown being very intimate and physical with Sera, though the exact nature of their relationship is never put into words. Once she "loosens up" and accepts intimacy as the norm of Eudio, she will have no problem adapting.


Angela collapsed on the nearest surface-- the stump of a felled tree-- and allowed herself a moment to grieve, nay, panic. Her beloved Sera had not been returned to her, but instead remains in the depths of Hela's domain. A place where Angela could never go. She could not ask such a favor of her Guardian comrades, nor did she expect they would have any chance of accomplishing the task. She was Nið, and as such could not go to Asgard to seek the Odinson's aid. Would he even be able to assist her? To go against his Queen, invade a sovereign realm? Surely not.

Her options were poor, to put it lightly.

There came the sound of footfalls, from the nearby tree line. Angela instantly grabs for her sword, but a voice stalls her.

"Aldrif Odinsdottir, called Angela," the stranger said, approaching with both hands raised in supplication. "I mean no harm to you."

Angela narrowed her eyes at the stranger. "Why then have you come?" she asked.

The stranger smiled calmly, though if Angela knew any better, there was a sharp edge to the smile. Like someone who knows they have the winning hand in a game of cards. "I have come," they said, "to offer you a deal. To beg your assistance, in exchange for a solution to your problem."

"What do you know of my problem!?" she snapped. Her mood was not its usual even temperament. So freshly wounded, she was quick to anger.

The stranger lowered their hands. "I know you need a way to save your friend. And I know my home needs your help. Surely we can work out an arrangement."

Angela takes a deep breath, calming her ire. Finally, she speaks. "Go on."


Angela is not only trained as a warrior, she is Asgardian. This means she is incredibly fast, and incredibly strong. With her speed and reflexes, she could likely kill most attackers before they had a chance to draw their weapons. And speaking of weapons, she will want to come into Eudio with hers (either her sword or her giant axe-like... thing, though probably the sword, as that's what she has at her canonpoint). In addition to her weapon, she has special silver armor that allows her to fly via the use of retractable angel wings, and has the unique property of being invisible to Heimdall's sight. Heimdall can otherwise see everyone and everything in all of the Ten Realms.


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